10 bad habits you and I need to quit. how?!

How many bad habits do we have in common? Let’s see.

bad habits to quit

How many of these boxes did you tick? I’ll be honest – ticked them all. These are (some of) my worst habits which negatively affect my social interactions, personal growth, physical and mental health. In our twenties, we are given the opportunity to create the life we want for ourselves (hence, to get rid of all those bad habits) – and most certainly, I do not want to be an annoying and boring, binge-watching, Instagram-obsessed procrastinator (that I seem to be right now). Do you?

The good news: you can ditch those bad habits

The good news is: habits can be changed so that you can develop a good and healthy daily routine. The first and very important step is to acknowledge your bad, bad habits. For example, I am sickly obsessed with my iPhone. I’ve recently learned that I can even be diagnosed with nomophobia – the fear of having no mobile phone. How cool is that? (Hint: Not at all).

I am constantly checking my social media, mindlessly scrolling down my feeds even though I’ve already seen all that there is to be seen. Since I started my internship (and long before that) I also spend my whole day staring at the laptop screen. I get home and chill out with 5-6 TV series episodes, although I’ve promised myself to go to bed before 12:00 am. The next morning, I feel bad, sleep-deprived and my self-confidence is seriously shattered because I look and feel like shit.

I’m pretty sure this sounds familiar to you. Having such an unhealthy routine can be fixed – perhaps not all at once, perhaps slowly and not overnight BUT IT CAN! And I (and you) WILL.

To get rid of your bad habits, start DOING!

Wanting to change is good – but wishing is not doing. Doing is what gets you results. It is also very helpful to keep track of your progress (maybe you can write a brief diary every night?) and to surround yourself with reminders. Habits that you’ve had for years cannot just disappear overnight. Once your mind takes off to another direction (work, relationships, whatever), there’s a good chance that you will be back to empty-minded scrolling and watching 1000 episodes in a row. We don’t want that, right?

A friend of mine used to write down his goals on papers and hang them around his room to remind him of where he’s headed. You can do the same – put them on the wall, on your nightstand, set a reminder on your smartphone, change your Desktop background. Do whatever you want – just make sure that your good and healthy habits are always there, before your eyes and in the forefront of your mind.

That’s how I’ll get rid of my bad habits

Here’s a list of 12 simple solutions which I’ll be implementing to alter my daily habits into a more adult-like version. If you can think of something better – don’t hesitate to share it with me, okay?

  1. Spend at least two hours a day with Wi-Fi turned off

  2. Spend half an hour a day reading (instead of checking social media)

  3. Take a 15-minute break from laptop / Internet after each hour

  4. Do not watch series during the day

  5. Never watch more than two episodes in a row

  6. Whenever I catch myself empty-mindedly scrolling, just leave the phone away

  7. Have my mobile data turned off when driving

  8. Going to bed before 11:00 pm

  9. Try at least 3 new things each month (can be anything from a new recipe to skydiving)

  10. Build a #GOALS board and write down my goals / progress to stay motivated and kick procrastination’s ass

  11. Keep a #SELFLOVE diary to write down 5 things I like in myself or am grateful for to help me stop feeling bad about myself and my life (Read more about how to love yourself here)

  12. Attentively listen when talking to people and make a conscious effort to slow down and let them finish their sentences

Wanna talk with me?

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