bucket list challenge

Bucket List Challenge


We’re young. I get it. We’re thinking that we have so much time left to do everything we want to do. The truth is… we don’t. I’ve designed the Bucket List Challenge for you and everyone who’s just like me: stuck in a rut and constantly saying to yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it some other time”.

I’ll go parasailing.

I’ll explore the countryside of Italy.

I’ll go on a road trip with friends.

I’ll sign up for a yoga class.

I’ll start living… some other time.

Join the Bucket List Challenge and start crossing things off your bucket list… NOW

The Bucket List Challenge is right for you if you postpone checking the boxes off your bucket list again and again. You should join us and step out of the comfortable and familiar routine.

Let’s make our lives a little bit more exciting with the HTS Bucket List Challenge

Each month we’ll choose three items we want to cross off our lists. Everyone chooses their own, you’re not obligated to do anything you don’t feel like doing. I’ll send you a weekly reminder for the time you have left and I’ll share with you other participants’ stories to inspire you and get you moving.

You can share yours via email iliyana@happytwentysomething.com or on Instagram with #HTSbucketlistchallenge.

How does the Bucket List Challenge work?

  1. First step: Sign up to the list below* and if you want, join our Facebook community.

  2. Second step: Decide on three things you want to do in the next month. You can keep them to yourself or share them with our Facebook community.

  3. Third step: Get up and actually do it!

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