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11 things I want to do in August

11 things I want to do in August

August is said to be the Sunday of summer. So, I’ve put together a few to-do list ideas for fun adventures and random things I want to do in August.

August is one of my favorite months, as it always reminds me that your time is limited. In just a few weeks, the summer will be over. There’ll be no more airy and light summer dresses, showing off your sun-kissed skin. There’ll be no more warm summer night, spent on the beach with a Cosmopolitan in your hand. I love autumn, with its gorgeous rich colors, but let’s be honest—nothing’s better than a hot day at the beach.

(my summer list of things to do in August is inspired by @mademoiselleaia)

As I was doing my internship in Amsterdam until late July, my summer started quite late this year. I’ve just arrived in Bulgaria after a loooong road trip back home. My to-do list in August is hugely dominated by a part-time job and most importantly, writing my graduation thesis. I’ve put so much effort in finding my graduation internship so I must ensure that I’ll pass my thesis in order to graduate. But oh, I really want to make time and enjoy the few warm weeks left.

So, in order to ensure that I’m not going to waste those summer days, I’ll follow the example of one of my favorite Bulgarian bloggers Mademoiselle Aia and will put together a simple list of things I want to do in August.

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Here’s what I want to do in August.


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  • to dye my hair blonde again (coming soon on my Instagram)
  • to get really, really sun-tanned
  • to start re-inventing my wardrobe (I realized I have literally nothing cool when I began packing to move out of my flat)
  • to buy pretty and colorful summer flats (and stop wearing only sneakers…)
  • to have a picnic with friends, at the beach or the park
  • to travel a little bit more, maybe organize a quick getaway with my sister (I’m missing my trip to Lille)
  • to spend less time inside (I can write my thesis from wherever, right?)
  • to spend a whole day offline
  • to finally learn how to make a cocktail
  • to start eating more healthy again (that’s going to be HARD when my mom’s always around)
  • to be happy. exclamation point.

What’s on your summer to-do list?

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