Sunday self-care: my checklist (+ template)

Self-care is something you owe to yourself. It can be as simple as reading your favorite book while relaxing in the bath with scented salts and calming music in the background. Or having a killer workout while playing the ultimate gym-spiration soundtracks. You know, whatever works best for you.

Creating a self-care routine is neither difficult nor expensive. And least of all is it selfish. When you take care of your body, your mind and your soul, you increase your capabilities to give goodness to the others. You are more connected to your inner self; you think more clearly and have more positive vibes to spread around.

Here’s my Sunday Self-Care Checklist that helps me develop the healthy habit to get rid of the negativity in my life and learn to love myself a little more. Note: Remember that there’s no self-care that fits all. The definition of self-care is not scented candles, yoga and meditation. What makes me comfortable might bore you to death—we want you to be more relaxed but… you know, still breathing. You should do what you love, what takes the stress away and nurtures your mind.

If you don’t know what that is yet, grab some inspiration from my #checklist and don’t be scared to experiment a little. You may find comfort and calmness in things you’d never thought I’d like. For example, I used to hate drinking tea before but now I simply can’t imagine my night routine without a cup of herbal tea.

self-care checklist template for millennials

Download FREE printable template:

Sunday Self Care Checklist

There are hundreds of easy-peasy ways to practice self-care. I believe that taking time to satisfy the needs of your body and soul is crucial in order to kick-start your week with positivity and motivation. In your twenties, you should cultivate the habit of self-care to calm your mind, engage with your emotions and energize your spirit.

What’s on your #SelfCare checklist?

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    • Iliyana Dadarova

      Hey, Emily, thank you so much! These moments you scrap aside and little things you treat yourself to, I find them so meaningful and needed.

      I’d loooove to read your post, by the way! Can you send me a link?

      Happy everything,

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